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Is Your Toilet
Constantly Running?

If the primary symptom of your toilet being blocked is that the toilet itself is in a state of constant flushing, then it may be time to contact your blocked toilet specialists, Plumber Dee Why.

When your toilet is constantly cycling through water without any rest period, it means that something has gone wrong with the inner workings of your toilet. Usually, this occurs when one of the inner components of the toilet has broken, or is in need of replacement. But that is not always the case.

On rare occasion a constantly running toilet can be a sign that something a lot more deadly has occurred. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, and potentially making the situation worse, it is definitely time to call your Dee Why Plumbing specialists.

broken toilet damage prevention

If you do not class yourself as being particularly gifted when it comes to home DIY and repairs, then do not worry. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and if you feel like any minor repair, you may attempt might cause more harm than good to your toilet. It is best to call in the professionals. Otherwise, a relatively minor issue can spiral into something a lot more deadly if you unconfidently try to fix an issue.

Blocked Drains Dee Why

toilet flush cycle
plumbing problems?

This puzzling issue tends to crop up either in locations where it is a lot colder all year round, or during and sometimes after the winter period. When your toilet is struggling to obtain water, it usually means that your house may be suffering from frozen pipes. In blisteringly cold conditions, it is not at all unusual to see your house pipes freezing, which tends to have a negative impact on your toilet’s ability to flush. Now, if your pipes are frozen, please try to not use any ‘at home remedies’ because you could make the problem a whole lot worse set of consequences than just your toilet being blocked. Instead, call your local plumber, as they will have access to a thawing machine which will irradiate the issue and have water flowing through your pipes and towards your toilet in no time.

signs of blocked toilet damage dee why

Typically, it is not unusual to miss this sign of a blocked or damaged toilet. If you see standing water around your toilet, you may think it could have come from your shower, bath, or bathroom sink, and you may opt to simply clean up the mess and then forget all about it.

But if you are noticing a puddle or leak around the base of your toilet, it may be as a result of a broken seal. While a broken seal, compared to previously mentioned issues, may seem like a minor inconvenience that you may be able to fix yourself, we advise that you always call your plumber. If you opt to do it yourself, while it may appear that you have fixed the broken seal, there could be further problems that cannot be so easily seen.

So, if you notice a leak that could be due to a potentially broken seal, opt to call a plumber to come and fix the issue, irrespective whether it’s a residential or a commercial plumbing problem.

Blocked Drains Dee Why

recurring blocked

Has your toilet been a repeat offender and keeps clogging up?

Usually, this means that there is a more deeply rooted problem that you are not aware of and it is definitely time to call your local plumber. If you find yourself in this predicament, there may be an issue with your drains.

Plumbers are the best people to call in this scenario, as they have access to the sewer cameras. These cameras will easily inform plumbers whether there are any blockages, corrosion, or build-up issues that may be impacting your own toilet’s ability to flush and remain un-blocked.

Blocked toilets plumbers advice
...the plunger!

If there is one thing we have all learned at some point during our lives, it is that the humble plunger is the number one tried and tested technique to unclog your toilet without calling your plumber. But what about the occasions when it does not work? If it is not sealing properly or simply not moving the blockage in your toilet, then it may be time to call a plumber. When there are not deadly factors at play, like those we have mentioned above, a plunger will typically do the job. So if it does not, it means that you have a genuine issue on your hands. If this is the case, an industry professional plumber may be your only way to unclog your toilet.

That completes our guide to the key symptoms that you should be looking out for, that may indicate that you need to call your local plumber for help. Of course, there are many at home remedies and concoctions that you can create and try out that may help fix your clogged toilet. But why would you want to risk causing further damage to your toilet, and maybe even creating a bigger problem that will cause further issues than just your own clogged toilet if it gets into the sewage network, when you can just call an industry professional plumber? And if you have a blocked toilet, and you are in the local Dee Why, New South Wales, area, then why not consider us to come and help you out of this tricky situation that you have found yourselves in?